This competition is to design a new public toilet in front of Oimachi station together with the park landscape along the rail tracks. Re-defining the function of public toilet as 'Urban Amenity Hub', it is designed to be a new landmark in front of the station with its unique appearances from all sides, which composes attractive linear landscape together with the stepped planters and inserted topographical seatings under the existing footbridge.
Public toilet function is distributed into 4 zones with various space scales, Toilet, Powder rooms, Baby care rooms and Smoking area. In each zones, individual rooms are separated yet connected under a pyramid roof with a toplight to maintain sensible distances for privacy and safety. Arched shape voids under each pyramid and street-front canopy with various benches underneath function as semi-outdoor thresholds between private spaces and urban spaces, which welcomes anybody to find each favorite uses and spaces. The roof with louvers changes its appearance per view angles, and arched voids and roof valleys with greenery creates a sort of gate to weave the city and the station platform behind.
PROJECT : Public Toilet and Park Landscape
STATUS : Competition Entry
LOCATION : Oimachi, Tokyo, Japan
AREA : 393 sqm
CLIENTS : Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo
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