The spa building planned to revitalize the existing beach park as a community hub.
Three main functions of Spa, sauna, public bath and treatment, form a three-pointed volume facing to sunset, sea and forest views, which is elevated like a tree trunk with branches as the core of the building supporting slabs like tree leaves. The comfortably-shaded ground level becomes restaurants and covered terraces approachable from all directions, upper levels create elevated terraces without interrupting spa privacy, and the rooftop ties external circulation paths with the infinity pool and the stepped sunset deck. Various exterior spaces around the closed spa volume allow diverse visitors to locate their activities and to accommodate more people during summer season. Like a large tree cultivating diverse forms of life inside, around and above, this building is hoped to be public space with generous footholds for diverse users.
PROJECT : Spa and Restaurant Building
STATUS : Unbuilt
LOCATION : Beach Park in Japan
AREA : approx. 2,000sqm
CLIENTS : Park developer
VISUALIZATION : Doro Dietz Architectural Visualization
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